Monday, May 5, 2014

Floral Nails Tutorial

    ....or how to stick real flowers onto your nails.
    This tutorial is pretty straightforward. What you need are some small flowers and some topcoat. Tip! Look for tiny flowers that are easy to flatten.
       I tried with another type of flowers, but it didn't work. It turned out too...3D. The petals should also be connected. I found (by chance) some cute blue wildflowers (still have no idea what it's called) and brought them home. I simply added a drop of topcoat on my painted nails, put the flower on top, pressed it, sealed it with topcoat and voilĂ !

        The right one is with topcoat, the left one sans. You can notice the difference in the color, and it's due to the clear nail polish. The flower turned from blue to some purple-ish tone. Lovely!

         They kinda remind me of a herbarium. A wearable one. By the way, the flowers will last as long as you don't do any harsh stuff. Enjoy!

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