Monday, May 26, 2014


   Finally, La Chica's got a Meow! In other words, I have a kitty and it is absolutely adorable. I feel...complete, I guess.
   I've always wanted a cat, but because my father is allergic to cats, I have never been allowed to get one. Fortunately, last week, my sweet love became more and more aware of my passion for these furry little pets and decided that it was time I got a kitten. Yay!
   At first, we wanted a birman cat. However, an owner of this breed warned us that birman cats are picky when it comes to food and they require special treatment, as they are prone to diseases and such. Plus, last saturday when we went to get our kitten, we couldn't contact the owner after already having been delayed. I was so angry I almost burst into tears (nothing hurts more than disappointment, you know?) Anyway, we decided to take home the very first stray kitten we were to encounter. And that's exactly what we did. When I saw my love with a poor furry creature in his arms, my heart melted. A pair of scared green eyes was staring at me. Dexter. Dex. My kitten. Ours. He was dirty and sub-nourished and incredibly shy, but after a good bath and meal, he began purring and cuddling and playing. It's been a week and he seems to grow more and more everyday. He is so playful and adorable! He's a little purring machine at night and a party animal throughout the day.
   I present you *drums* Dexter!

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