Saturday, July 6, 2013

DIY Embellished Collar

  Looking for a way to freshen up your wardrobe or just craving for a new statement garment?Well, I think I have a solution. This next tutorial combines jewellery making with recycling and in the end you'll have a pretty collar you can add to almost every outfit. Let's begin!
What you need:
  • Old/scratched/useless CDs or DVDs ( I've found out that DVDs work better)
  • A pair of scissors (sharp and chunky, please)
  • Glue
  • A plain collar (you can remove the collar from an old shirt)
  • A pot
  • Water
  • A cloth

      1. Fill the pot with water and heat it up. It doesn't need to boil, though. Take the pot off the stove and put the CDs carefully into it. Let them sit in the hot water for 5-10 minutes.  

          2. Remove the CDs from the water and let them dry on the cloth.
      3. Take the CD/DVD and carefully remove the transparent plastic layer. It should come off easily.   If it doesn't, though, you can use something sharp like a paper knife. Make sure you won't cut yourself! If nothing works, don't worry. Some CDs don't have a double layer of plastic and that reflective coating is applied directly onto the CD. My DVD was more trustworthy, it had the coating between two layers of plastic (Yay!). By the way, if it doesn't come out perfectly, stick the two pieces back and try again.
       4. Cut it in small pieces. You should get something like this:
       5. Glue the pieces onto the collar.

VoilĂ !


You can add some topcoat in case you want them to last longer.


  1. Hi, Andrea! That is seriously cute - love it! And what a great tutorial. Thanks for a great idea!

  2. Loved it girl... I am so gonna try this!

    1. Glad you did. Can't wait to see your result!

  3. Hi Andreea, this is such a clever and unique use for CDs and DVDs! You could do it on just about any article of clothing for instant pizzazz. I wanted to let you know that I did a project using pieces of DVDs, and had a lot of questions from people having trouble separating the layers. It turns out, CDs only have a single layer, so you can't separate them. Who knew? You can read more about how I separated my DVDs here:


    1. Thank, Debbie! You're totally right about the CDs. I wish I knew that before ruining two CDs, haha.


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