Wednesday, June 4, 2014

ELF Cosmetics

    I've got a package in my mailbox a few days ago. Ripped it, looked inside and I was like "Wait, what?" I've ordered some products from ELF and they have also sent me some products as a gift. Lovely. So this is what I received:

  • Pigment Eyeshadow in Magical Maroon - this one was a gift and I love it! I was thinking about buying it, but I wasn't so sure about loose eyeshadow. Anyway, the colour is perfect and it's so easy to apply. It even has a tiny brush!
  • Blending Eye Brush - also a gift. I was going to discard my old drugstore brushes anyway. It's so soft and it's not shedding any hair. This makes me buy all the other brushes.
  • Concealer brush - it was about time I bought a concealer brush. Now I know it will stay onto my imperfections all day long.
  • Lip Stain in Crimson Crush - I love lip products that last and this is perfect. I can eat, drink, kiss and so on without having to worry about my make-up. 
  • Zit Zapper - this one is super effective. I hate when a zit ruins my face, but this little roll-on just erases it.
  • All Over Color Stick in Persimmon- it illuminates my cheeks, my lids, my lips and it smells delicious!
  • Individual Lash Kit - I've never used false lashes because I think they look...fake, but I became excited when I received this. They seem pretty natural and I just have to practice until I apply them easily.
  • Spring Edition Beauty Clutch - I just adore this! I like all the 32 eyeshadow colors, I can't wait to try them. The 6 lip colors are not too bold and they are lovely, though I am not so much into the clear-glitter one, it looks too childish. The bronzer and the blushes suit my face perfectly and the face shimmer resembles the color stick. For my eyebrows, I usually use the brow set from Avon, but I like the eyebrow powder and cream from this set too, especially the cream alone, it looks more natural.

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